New Mexico Guided Big Game Hunts!

New Mexico is a state rich with hunting opportunity and vast ranges of big game habitat. G3 Outfitters works to customize hunts according to our clients’ budgets, interests, hunting goals, physical capabilities or limitations, party size, and desired weapon. We hunt both private and public ground throughout the state. We apply clients for the New Mexico Game and Fish (NMGF) draw, purchase guaranteed landowner tags on both private and public property. We also hunt using over the counter tags. We specialize in elk hunts, and we also hunt most other big game found in New Mexico. We offer everything from lodge hunts to wilderness wall tent camps.


New Mexico has provided sportsman with choice elk hunting opportunities for decades. With both a lottery draw system and a guaranteed landowner tag program, New Mexico is a must for the avid elk hunter, youth hunters, and mobility impaired hunters. We hunt from September 1st through December 31st, covering pre-rut, rut, and post-rut hunts. We hunt elk with the bow, muzzleloader, and rifle. We hunt public lands in units 13, 15, 16a, 16b, 16d, 16e, and 17 with hunters that put in for the draw. Each year, we assist our clients in applying for the draw. For those who are unsuccessful, guaranteed landowner tags are available from $2,500-$13,000.

We also have private ranches leased where we have great opportunity for both archers and muzzleloader hunters in primitive weapon units. These hunts provide exclusivity, great accommodations, and high success opportunities. Our archery hunts are 6-7 day hunts and our gun hunts are 5 days.

Mule Deer

We hunt both mule deer and coues deer by drawing deer tags through the NMGF draw. Many of the units we hunt don’t have high deer density, but good bucks are consistently produced. Our deer hunts are 5 day hunts.


Each year, New Mexico produces some of the largest antelope in the country. Drawing antelope tags is difficult due to a limited number of tags, but you cannot draw unless you apply. Our antelope hunts are 3 day hunts.

Black Bear

We hunt bears without dogs on an exciting spot and stalk hunt. These are 5 day hunts where bows, rifles, muzzleloaders, or handguns can be used. Hunters purchase an over the counter license two days prior to the hunt.


This is one of the most incredible, physically demanding hunts in the world! The Florida Mountains in southwest New Mexico are home to free range bezoar ibex. This is a lottery hunt, so you must draw a tag. Contact us for more information about this challenging, thrilling adventure!


New Mexico is home to a thriving population of free range oryx. These beautiful animals offer a thrilling hunt and can be hunted almost year-round. There are on-range hunts and off-range, and tags are allocated through the New Mexico Game and Fish draw.

Mountain Lion

When the weather is conducive, this is an exciting 5-7 day hunt behind dogs. Hunters can purchase an over the counter cougar license 2 days prior to the hunt.


Our region of New Mexico is home to the high elevation Merriam turkey that can be hunted in both spring and fall. Two, bearded birds can be harvested in the spring, while only one can be harvested in the fall. Hunters can purchase an over the counter tag for turkeys. Our turkey hunts run 3-5 days.

New Mexico mountain lion hunts - Lee with his lion taken at G3 Outfitters

Unbelievable, is the only word that comes to mind after chasing and harvesting a mountain lion with G3 outfitters. I don’t quite know how to put the experience into words. From top notch guides, to incredible ranches, fantastic views, and great lodging. G3 really gave me the experience of a lifetime. Their guides had been scouting for days prior to our arrival, by 8:30 on my first day, we were tracking a mature Tom lion,  he took us 4 miles through rim canyons. Everything came to together and I harvested my 9 year old lion by 12:30. I can’t thank the guides enough for their knowledge of the terrain and how well they took care of everything. I highly recommend G3 outfitters, and will definitely be back again to chase giant lions in New Mexico!!

Lee D, Missouri